Ten Earth Shattering Blows is a fantasy graphic novel you can read online. It contains violence and, occasionally, a tit. This makes you a bad person if you enjoy it.
It’s not updated on a regular schedule, so your best bet for not missing an update is to follow me on social media. You can find the links in the sober giant bar above.
“Hey, who are you?” I hear you asking. I’m known as Nuclearpasta, i’m the author of this webcomic.
“And why are you naked in my kitchen?” you usually ask next. I’m just hungry, ok? No need to start a drama. Jeez!

Main characters


Lady Landabella Trastan is a noblewoman from the rich city of Vezenia. As customary for highborns, she wears a mask to prevent unworthy eyes from catching a glimpse of her face. A little stuck up, you would say.

She’s currently on a mysterious quest.



He controls the well. He’s important.






Janflinn, from the desert province of Tarmiria, holds a respectable position among the allies of the Lord of the Well. He’s calm and well mannered, but many have an uneasy feeling around him.
Could he have some secret agenda? Naaah, he seems such a nice guy.