Far in the desert, statues of heroes, poets and builders from ages past lie in ruins. Few remember who they were, but on every pedestal a name is engraved.

Let me get real mushy here: all of you who read this little comic of mine are my heroes! Reading, sharing or leaving comments is already enough to make my battle-hardened heart melt.
But, let’s be honest, these super cool people down here give me money to love them more! I’m easily corruptible, you should have known!
Praise their names! And don’t forget to click on the bright ones!


Garth @ the Photomaginarium
The World Needs Heroes
Miles Todd
Hugo Huggett
Big Dingus
Abram Demski
John L. Beeman
Jenn Lee
Victor Casados
Luckbat Studio
Aaron Norell