The sea of webcomics is vast and I’m just a rookie sailor! Here’s an ongoing list of comics I found on the web. Feel free to send me your suggestions! Enjoy!

Crescent City Monsters

Ah, good old New Orleans in the sixties! Racism, blues and… kick-ass monsters and magic powers? Coolness overload.

The Automan’s Daughter

Dieselpunk adventure in the Ottoman Empire. Not something you see everyday.


If you play D&D, this funny dungeon crawl will ring many bells. If you don’t, you’ll feel compelled to try!

Rising Sand

A fantasy story set in a desert, with thieves and muscular warriors… This sounds familiar. My kind of jam!

Drugs and Wires

I love me some cyberpunk, and D&W just hits all the marks!

Daughter of the Lilies

Freelance adventurers with mysterious past kill monsters and discover love. I’m good at summarizing.


A young lad from the countryside moves to Tistow, a victorian era-styled metropolis, dangerous and fascinating. Also, magic.

The Sunless Children

A runaway queen, an army on her trail, a thief minding her own business and a lot of tall lesbians with impeccable abs. It must be something in their diet.

She Dwarf

She Dwarf embarks on a quest to see if she really is the last dwarf alive in the world. There is also a muscled hawk called Muscle Hawk.

The Thief of Tales

When she flees into a strange forest, Nevhna has to rely on her storytelling ability to survive. Warning: full of cute animals.


Befriending an amnesiac girl with horns can mess with your dream of becoming an expert sword-smith. Especially if people think she’s a dangerous demon.

Bicycle Boy

In a post-apocalyptic desert, an amnesiac cyborg named Poet tries to survive and discover his past. He has a bike.