The sea of webcomics is vast and I’m just a rookie sailor! Here’s an ongoing list of comics I found on the web. Feel free to send me your suggestions! Enjoy!

The Island

Adventure, sex and the Third World War. NSFW (I don’t think your boss is happy when you read comics at work anyway.)

Crescent City Monsters

Ah, good old New Orleans in the sixties! Racism, blues and… kick-ass monsters and magic powers? Coolness overload.

The Automan’s Daughter

Dieselpunk adventure in the Ottoman Empire. Not something you see everyday.


If you play D&D, this funny dungeon crawl will ring many bells. If you don’t, you’ll feel compelled to try!

Rising Sand

A fantasy story set in a desert, with thieves and muscular warriors… This sounds familiar. My kind of jam!

Drugs and Wires

I love me some cyberpunk, and D&W just hits all the marks!

Daughter of the Lilies

Freelance adventurers with mysterious past kill monsters and discover love. I’m good at summarizing.


A young lad from the countryside moves to Tistow, a victorian era-styled metropolis, dangerous and fascinating. Also, magic.

The Sunless Children

A runaway queen, an army on her trail, a thief minding her own business and a lot of tall lesbians with impeccable abs. It must be something in their diet.

She Dwarf

She Dwarf embarks on a quest to see if she really is the last dwarf alive in the world. There is also a muscled hawk called Muscle Hawk.

The Thief of Tales

When she flees into a strange forest, Nevhna has to rely on her storytelling ability to survive. Warning: full of cute animals.