I hope I managed to surprise you (part 2)
Landa’s situation is worsening by the minute. Or not?

Hey, I’ve got a few updates for you:

You all know Tvtropes, right? I’ve created my page there. Feel free to fill it with tropes to show me how unoriginal I am!

As you can see, I’ve added a Ko-Fi button on the left. It allows you to support the comic with a little donation if you want. You’re absolutely not required to and, actually, there are even better ways to show your support: the usual like-share-comment approach can do wonders! Help me spread the love for giant lizards! <3

Lastly, do you read Rising Sand? You should! You can reach the link by the “Other Webcomics” button on the right. Thanks to your suggestions, I will never run out of things to read!