Here we are again! It’s good to be back!

How are you? What did you do during these two months?
As you may have noticed by the bar above, I joined Spider Forest, the webcomic collective, and now I have 100+ new titles to read.
I’ve added the Art Allies page for fanarts and stuff. The ones I received so far gave me 10 more years to live, so keep them coming! <3
I also changed the logo. The last one was drawn in the spur of the moment and I thought it needed a revamp.

Before the hiatus I feared my absence would cause a significant drop in pageviews, but surprisingly it wasn’t so bad! you guys kept on coming back and I got some new readers as well. It’s almost like I don’t need anymore to ask you to like, vote and share the shit out of this comic with friends and on social media. Thank you, you’re the best!

And now let’s get this chapter started. Ready your lizards.