This is the chapter I couldn’t wait to draw since the beginning, the one that ideally concludes the first arc of the story. The introductory arc. We have a lot of miles to travel under this scorching sun!

First thing first, I have a confession to make: I did the most cursed thing imaginable. Tobwebcomics allows me to add a reward image for those who vote for my comic and I chose to transform it in the most stupid mini-game I could think of. As we speak, Don Caronja is ready to perform a striptease for you in exchange for your precious vote. If the comic rises in rank, he will start removing his clothes. Let’s see how far you’ll take him. By clicking on the link, you are damning your very soul. I am truly sorry.
Every month, a new character will take his place and my patrons can vote for the next performer.

Oh right! I almost forgot: my patreon is finally fully operative! If you’d like to support me with a big bag of gold, please take a look! If you don’t have a big bag of gold lying around, know that I love you anyway! There are many things you can do to support me: you can vote, leave a comment and share the comic with your friends. You can spray paint my site url on your neighbours’ garage doors. You can sign a petition on to make my site the default homepage of Google Chrome. You can start an email scam about a Nigerian prince who’s going to send people money if they read my comic… I mean, if you think about it, the possibilities are endless.

Anyway, thank you for being here!