Welcome back, everybody! Welcome to 2020! How has it been so far? It seems yesterday that I was playing Cyberpunk 2020 with my high school friends, thinking about all the cool stuff that were waiting for us in 2020. Where are my flying car and my neural interface? I’ve been scammed!
Nevertheless, I’m happy to have made it this far with you. Thank you as always for your support, my life would be way more boring without your comments! A bunch of you subscribed to my Patreon at the end of December and it was the best gift to end the year! Thanks a lot, it’s nice to be appreciated!

Anyway, we are back to business in full force! The fight never stops and it seems like Landa is in trouble (again). I can hear you asking “Who is this guy and how did he get there?” Someone hasn’t paid attention! Go look back at pages 12 and 13!

As always, don’t forget to take a look at our little game on Topwebcomics. (And leave a vote while you’re at it!) It seems like the newcomer is getting serious already! Oh my…