I was waiting for a good page to compensate the bad news. (Wait, it’s nothing terrifying, stay with me!)
I’ve officially burned through my page buffer and at the current pace I will start missing deadlines, or worse, publishing subpar pages. Usually I mitigate the problem by taking a break between chapters, but this one is a beast and it’s not ending soon. Instead of going on a break, I will simply slow down for a while: 1 page every 10 days. The next one will be up next Wednesday as always, then it’s going to be one every round day of the month: 10th, 20th, 30th.
This won’t change anything for the wonderful folks on Patreon. On the contrary, the extra time will allow me to be more productive and offer more stuff. Part of the reason I’m slowing down with the comic is to be able to focus on related stuff that has been neglected so far. (As some of you pointed out, I haven’t even found the time to update the About section of this site with the new characters! I’m a mess!)
Plus, I need to focus more on promotion, because if I, hypothetically, were to plan a crowdfunding campaign for a book, I’d need to gather all the followers I could find. Hypothetically.
I’m sure you understand. Remember that this is temporary. 3 extra days of waiting between pages is not ideal, but it’s the best I can do right now.

What else? There’s another piece of Lun’s story on TopWebComics! I relate with Jheffo: I too have trouble picking up these subtle hints!
Unfortunately there’s no time left for the ending, but don’t despair: the full story is already available here on Patreon.