Ahh, how cool is it to meet up once a week? I almost forgot the feeling.

I know you wanted to see what the oasis is like, but first, let me digress a bit and show you two dudes you hate stranded in the sand. This should be entertaining.


Imagine being like Lorenzo the Magnificent, but better, because as far as I know he never supported Ten Earth Shattering Blows. Your contribution will keep this site running, and you’ll get cool perks in return! What perks, you ask?


Your name on the Dunes of Heroes! The most simple reward. Classy, eternal. Friends will envy you, enemies will bow to you.

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This is a serious contribution, and you get the best I can give you. Process art, behind the scenes, sketches, lore dumps, original PSD files, my undying love… you name it. This is the tier that statistically makes you more attractive, experts say.

What? This is so much! For such a contribution you can get a peek inside my head and see my gears turning while I attempt to write games. Currently designing URN, a rules-light tabletop role-playing game!

On top of that, every tier comes with a fancy title for the Discord server. In the Desert, reputation can get you far. Join the community, get all the hottest memes!