Hello, gang!

My Kickstarter campaign is about to end. (Only TWO days left! It’s the last chance!) If you decide to back it, this art print will be mailed with every physical rewards. I think this is the buffest Joy I’ve ever drawn and I’m very pleased with it. The other lizards were fun too. I wonder if they’ll appear in the story.

I figure this is a good moment to start my break for real and leave this site unattended for a bit. I need time to finalize the book (There are a few more pages to draw, thanks to the campaign going so well) and to work on the next chapter. I hope it won’t be too dusty when I return. Last time I gave an extimate I failed spectacularly, so I won’t give you one. It will be months, don’t hold your breath.

This is awkward, I had planned other promos but the artists involved forgot to send their posters. (Cough twice Cough.)
Maybe I will occasionally pop up here to promote other comics or to give you an update. I’m not disappearing, I swear! I will keep responding to your comments, and you can always follow me on Twitter or on the official Discord channel.

I can’t wait to show you how the story continues. There are big revelations coming! The oasis of Mirebloom hides great secrets, terrible dangers and striking new characters! This is my happy place, I’m so glad you’re here with me. Thank you!

See you desert drifters.