Two scenes I wanted to include but for some reason I didn’t.

The first would have been the conclusion of the fight with Big Boy.
He’s a tough guy, a single kick can’t stop him! I needed another reason for him to not chase Mo and Landa, as silly as it was.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to put the panel in. It would have ruined the pace of the action, and those pages were already too crowded anyway.

The second one was at the end, a simple reminder that I haven’t forgotten about the mask… But I forgot to draw it! I have no excuses!
It’s not an important detail, nothing world changing (earth shattering?), but it would have been nice to know that the mask is now in the hands of the villains. I’ll correct it in a future print version.

Sorry for the very crappy art, I thought some of you could be interested in the weird processes inside my head. Every single page is a different fight!
See ya!