Heyy, that’s not your comic!” You’re right, my perspicacious friend. My Kickstarter campaign is well underway, I’m constantly working on the book and I have nothing new to show you: it’s the perfect time to plug comics that I like! I have accumulated a debt of exposure during the years: many of you came here because other creators were kind enough to mention my work. I just had to sit here, like a plump warlord on his lizard, and reap the fruits of their labor. It’s time for me to be the good guy for a change.

First on the list is Bicycle Boy by Jackarais. It’s the story of Poet, an amnesiac cyborg who gets beaten up a lot. It’s a post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure with a big cast of bandits & buff ladies, the familiar ingredients that make me think you’re gonna like it.
Bicycle Boy is currently on Kickstarter: you have only four days left to grab a copy! I did, and now I am 23% more attractive. It’s just science!



As for my campaign, we shattered the first stretch goal and are steadily marching toward the second. Can we actually do it?! If you want to contribute, or you really want to make me draw more lizards, follow this link or click on the image below!