New week, new comic! This one is pretty new, but I can already tell you’re going to like it a lot.
A round of applause for Fairmeadow, by Kendra P. In a world ravaged by war, a buff lady warrior (can you spot a common thread yet?) finds herself in an isolated, pacifist commune. Will she be able to leave her past behind and work alongside her former enemies, or will she destroy their hard-earned peace?
I like KP’s definition of Fairmeadow as a “post-epic fantasy”. Not something you read everyday.
Personally, I just love how gorgeous everything looks. It makes me wanna go hiking, which is something I never imagined I’d say.


I wonder if my Joy will ever find a place like that. In the meantime, the campaign to bring the first arc of the story to print is going strong! We shattered the second stretch goal and I’ll have to draw some more lizards. Yay!
The third stretch goal is now in sight and I’m excited about the idea of drawing a new mini-comic after all this time. If you want to contribute, follow this link or click on the image below!