Listen, Shizamura pisses me off. Nobody should be this quick at whipping out pages after pages of bonkers illustrations. She sent me FOUR of them for this promo because she “couldn’t choose”. Yeah, sure. She does it just to rub it in my face.

O sarilho is a complex sci-fi story about future Roman soldiers and a mysterious alien entity. It contains war, zombies, drama and body horror, but also lighthearted stuff like peen jokes and Portugal. There are also beautifully rendered architectures and animated pages, as a treat. You should really give it a try.
Despite Shizamura.


In other news, we shattered the third stretch goal of the Kickstarter campaign and now the book will contain an original never-before-seen mini-comic! Those who’s been following this site for some time know what to expect from it. It will be a little peek at a past minor event that I hope you’ll find entertaining. Working title: “Teeth”.
The fourth and last stretch goal is ours for the taking! It’s precisely what this book needs to level up. If you want to contribute, follow this link or click on the image below!