Ten Earth Shattering Blows is a fantasy graphic novel you can read online. It contains violence and, occasionally, tits. This makes you a bad person if you enjoy it.
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“Hey, who are you?” I hear you asking. My name is Tommaso Devitofrancesco, better known as Nuclearpasta on the web. I’m the author of this webcomic.
“And why are you naked in my kitchen?” you usually ask next. I’m just hungry, ok? No need to start a drama.

If you’re really interested in who I am, someone had the weird idea of interviewing me. Link here.

Main characters

(Spoilers! read at your own peril.)

Lady Landabella Trastan is a noblewoman from the rich city of Vezenia. She came to the Desert to end the curse placed upon her by an “evil witch”. Or so she claims.
Currently she lost her mask and has to endure lowborn eyes looking at her face. Her dress is also ruined. Things are not going well.

Joy is a brutal warrior who acts first and thinks never. We meet her in chains, a gladiator in Don Caronja’s fortress. She escapes and kidnaps Landa, convinced that the lady can lead her to the man “with the mask that eats itself”. Why is Joy looking for him? Does it has to do with the baby she mumbles about in her sleep?

Don Caronja, The Lord of the Well, is the current ruler of an old fortress built over a water source and the head of an alliance of bandits and slavers of the desert.
He’s cunning and ruthless and addicted to bugs. Overall, a lovely person.

Ander is a Seeker of Champions, a cleric looking for the heir of his god, the First Champion. Truth be told, that was barely an excuse he and his bodyguards, Durt and Luthar, used to extort money to poor people, until Landa’s curse made him think he could be on the right track.

Orcs are the creatures that exit Landa’s face when her curse manifests, which seems an unpleasant experience. They speak incoherently about ten earth-shattering blows and stuff, but their words seem somehow connected to Landa, Joy and Ander at the same time. What is going on here? Is this comic pure nonsense?

Lord Arian Cartasalva is a powerful vezenian noble, currently at the helm of a military outpost in the desert. He and his pal Ojhen want to stop Landa by all means necessary. Apparently they know a lot about what’s happening, but they haven’t told everything out loud yet like b-movie villains, so the mystery remains.

Ojhen of the ashmen is a strange figure. He sits together with the clan leaders of Don Caronja, despite not being part of any clan, and he’s a long time ally of a vezenian nobleman, despite his humble origins.
Very few people know he’s also capable of using magic. It could be an explanation: wizardry opens a lot of doors.