The sea of webcomics is vast and I’m just a rookie sailor! Here’s an ongoing list of comics I found on the web. Feel free to send me your suggestions! Enjoy!

The Automan’s Daughter

Dieselpunk adventure in the Ottoman Empire. Not something you see everyday.


If you play D&D, this funny dungeon crawl will ring many bells. If you don’t, you’ll feel compelled to try!

Rising Sand

A fantasy story set in a desert, with thieves and muscular warriors… This sounds familiar. My kind of jam!

Drugs and Wires

I love me some cyberpunk, and D&W just hits all the marks!

Daughter of the Lilies

Freelance adventurers with mysterious past kill monsters and discover love. I’m good at summarizing.

She Dwarf

She Dwarf embarks on a quest to see if she really is the last dwarf alive in the world. There is also a muscled hawk called Muscle Hawk.

The Thief of Tales

When Nevhna flees into a strange forest, she has to rely on her storytelling ability to survive. Warning: full of cute animals.


Befriending an amnesiac girl with horns can mess with your dream of becoming an expert sword-smith. Especially if people think she’s a dangerous demon.

Bicycle Boy

In a post-apocalyptic desert, an amnesiac cyborg named Poet tries to survive and discover his past. He has a bike.


Flame witch Tiara is forced to join an organization that wants to teach her how to use her power. Can she trust them?

Beneath the Clouds

A traveling monk and his daughter are tasked to perform the most important exorcism of their career. Set in feudal Japan, which makes it automatically cool.


Do you like superheroes? Horror stories? Post-apocalyptic landscapes? Folklore blends them all together into a delicious smoothie for your eyes!

Dimitra and the Silver Mask

A fantasy story with… uh… castles… and masks… Look, there are only a few pages and I don’t know what it is about yet, but look at that amazing art! I already know it’s worth following.

O Sarilho

The sci-fi Roman Empire sends a squad to search for a crashed satellite. they find an alien instead. It contains war, zombies and Portugal.


They say it’s a horror story but right now it’s about two cute girls in love. Awww!
I’m sure it will all make sense once the intro is over. The art is dope.


 In a world ravaged by war, a buff orc warrior find herself in an isolated, pacifist commune.

The Beekeeper’s Tale

A beekeeper must reunite all the shards of the God of War’s blade to heal the world. What else do you need to know? Look how cool the intro is!

Souls Foreclosed

Trans demons! Lucifer! A church of soul-sucking vampires! It’s pulp, it’s queer, it’s horror. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Kill 6 Billion Demons

I don’t think this one needs publicity: you all know it and suggest it to me every other week. Don’t worry, I read it too!
Abbadon did something really special here, and convinced me that there was an audience for action webcomics.